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5 Things You May Not Know About Oaks at Towne Lake

An interior shot of Oaks at Towne Lake Assisted Living

As our newest assisted living community, Oaks at Towne Lake, located in Woodstock, Georgia, opens its doors, we look back at one of our most popular (and informative) blogs ‘How Assisted Living Communities Differ From Nursing Homes.’ Oaks at Towne Lake is an assisted living and memory care community and is not a nursing home. While we do offer services like medication management, regular health assessments, and on-site therapy programs, we do not provide skilled nursing care. Take a look at what Oaks at Towne Lake, an assisted living and memory care community, is bringing to the Woodstock, Georgia, area!

The prospect of transitioning your elderly parent out of their home is difficult and emotional from the start and without a clear understanding of your options can be downright agonizing.

If your parent is not able to live independently any longer, your first thought may be to place your loved one into a nursing home, but that is not your only option. Assisted living communities, like Oaks at Towne Lake, offer a long-term care option for adults who can retain independence but need to receive some level of attention on a daily basis. To help you understand the services offered by Oaks at Towne Lake and how it differs from a nursing home, we have put together a list of the top differences.

Oaks at Towne Lake, an assisted living and memory care community in Woodstock, Georgia…

Means Independence

A misconception remains in the senior care industry that when a family member must leave their home, they automatically sacrifice their independence. While that can happen if their health is compromised, that is simply not the case if your loved one enters into an assisted living community like Oaks at Towne Lake.

Residents living in our Towne Lake assisted living community, receive assistance with activities of daily living and retain the independence they are used to from living independently.

Provides a Helping Hand

One of the biggest differences between Oaks at Towne Lake, an assisted living community, and a nursing home is the type of care that is given to your loved one. While nursing homes provide care by a registered or licensed nurse, 24-hours a day, we provide flexible, non-medical care tailored to an individual’s needs. Your loved one can receive assistance with meals, housekeeping, errands, medication reminders and other activities that they may not be able to complete living alone. Visit our communities page to view these amenities.

Feels Like Home

Oaks at Towne Lake offers various floor plans, ranging from studios to spacious two bedroom apartments. Replace with — You or your loved one will furnish and decorate the apartment of your choice creating a unique, comfortable and personal new home. Bringing some of their personal belongings helps with easing through this emotional transition.

Welcomes Furry Friends

We know that pets are often family members, and the idea of leaving them behind would be devastating for your loved ones. Oaks at Towne Lake is pet-friendly and encourages residents to bring along their beloved pets. Studies have proven over and over again how animals can help the aging whether it be lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety or just providing companionship in an unfamiliar territory.

Encourages Socialization

We are proud to offer a “Person-Centered Lifestyle” which satisfies the unique desires and needs of residents and moves away from an overly structured approach. This lifestyle encourages independence and personal choice to ensure all residents enjoy the highest quality of life possible. We offer a variety of activities to meet the educational, social, recreational, and spiritual needs of residents. There really is something for everyone and our team is proactive in making sure all residents feel welcome to join in.

Moving to an assisted living community can mean an improved quality of life so desperately needed to continue thriving. While this transition may be an emotional time for all involved, it can also be positive change. A higher quality of life promotes dignified living, independence, and often times lasting friendships.

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