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What Does Everyday Life in an Assisted Living Community Look Like?

Assisted living residents eating lunch together

It can be hard to make a decision when you don’t have a clear picture of what you’re actually choosing between. When most seniors are given the option of continuing to live in their own home or moving to an assisted living community, it’s easy to see why they may choose the known over the unknown. No matter how beneficial making the move to a senior living community  — like Oaks Senior Living — may be for them and their goals for the future.

To help fill in the blanks on some of the unknowns, this blog post will explain what assisted living is, its benefits, and what you or your loved one can expect from making the move. That way everyone is able to make a more informed decision.

What Is Assisted Living?

The goal of an assisted living community, sometimes called a personal care community, is to help older adults maximize their independence by providing support with activities of daily living (ADLs). Customized support can include things like medication management; help getting dressed, taking a shower, eating meals, mobility issues; and more. Perhaps the most important benefit of choosing Oaks Senior Living is that you decide what you want to do, with assistance always available if and when you need it. Instead of handling day-to-day chores as you may be doing now — housekeeping, maintenance and upkeep, laundry, grocery shopping and meal preparation — you’ll  have more time to enjoy a robust calendar of activities for seniors.

Families also appreciate the peace of mind of knowing their loved one is getting the support they need along with opportunities to socialize with their neighbors.

What Is a Typical Day at an Assisted Living Community Like?

Here’s a typical schedule to give you an idea of what you can expect during an average day.


Wake up and get your day started at whatever time you want. If you need it, our care partners are available to provide a helping hand with getting dressed and ready for the day. We can also help with medication management. Then you can head to our dining room for breakfast with your friends. Our community offers all-day dining, so there’s no hurry or worry about being late. Breakfast is a good time to consider what you want to do with your day:

  • Take a fitness class or go for a walk with friends
  • Relax outside in our garden
  • Attend a group discussion or educational talk
  • Visit the beauty salon


After a light lunchtime snack (or full lunch), afternoons are a good time for pursuing your hobbies, trying something new, or visiting with family and friends. You could also:

  • Take our scheduled transportation for a shopping trip or a doctor’s appointment
  • Work on an art project
  • See what’s going on in our activity center
  • Enjoy some friendly competition over a game
  • Take in a movie or TV program


At the end of a full day, it’s time for a nutritious and delicious dinner. After dinner, you might read, socialize with neighbors, watch TV, visit with family, or anything else you’d prefer to do before bedtime. When you’re ready, our care partners are available to help with showering, evening medications and all other bedtime preparations.

Daily activities, exercise, and socialization can help provide better sleep and allow you to be ready for another engaging day tomorrow.

Oaks Senior Living Is Anything But Typical.

If you’re weighing retirement community options for yourself or a loved one, we can help. To learn more about our person-directed assisted living lifestyle or to schedule a personal visit, contact Oaks Senior Living here.

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