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Holiday Safety Notice

Dear Families,

Holiday season is quickly upon us, and it is our utmost priority to maintain resident safety. With the Covid omicron variant, flu viruses, and RSV circulating, we wanted to enclose for you the newest guidelines on exposure, testing and isolation for your use.

All residents/staff who are not immunosuppressed are on the same suggested plan for isolation/duration. However, when there is an outbreak, we will evaluate more aggressively to determine how to best quarantine and isolate in order prevent any further spread. Please note, Omicron occasionally does not show positive on the rapid test until 5-7 days.

If we cannot contain the virus in the community, we will have to quarantine individuals either in the entire community or area if it can be contained for at least two negative tests. We will let you know if we must trigger this.

The safest way to help us is to get vaccinated, wear a well-fitting mask in the community, encourage your loved one to wear a mask in public areas, hand hygiene often and maintain social distance. When we have events, we will try to make sure we can socially distance, wear masks, practice hand and cough hygiene and let everyone enjoy as much as possible. If we must limit numbers, we will notify you of those specific plans. If after visitation you test positive, please notify us as quickly as possible.

We believe these holidays deserve to be a time enjoyed with family and friends. If we all practice safety by testing if we are exposed, wearing a mask even if we have no symptoms, isolating as directed and practicing hand hygiene, cough etiquette and social distancing when in public areas, we can keep everyone healthy and together. Let us make this a holiday to remember! Thank you for everything you do to support your loved ones and us.

If you have any questions regarding what to do upon being exposed, follow the link below.


Oaks Senior Living

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