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Improving Your Relationship with Your Parent After Caregiving Ends

resident holding hands with their child

Caregiving for a parent is no easy task. It requires a not-so-subtle shift from the typical child/parent relationship to one of a caregiver and recipient of care. For families, this can be a tough thing to grasp. While rewarding, caregiving comes with its fair share of stress and guilt for the child – especially if they are also maintaining a family and working in a career.

From the stress of caregiving, many children decide that it is best to explore other options like assisted living and memory care communities. Through moving their mom or dad into a senior living community, the caregiver relationship can shift back into one of a child and parent. This change can be emotional and even awkward at first, so we have put together some tips on how to rekindle this relationship with your parent.

Let Go of the Guilt 

One of the things we hear regularly is about the guilt associated with not being able to be a caregiver for their parent. There is no need to feel guilty about this. You have recognized that the best way to get mom or dad the best care possible is to reach out for help. Try to let go of this self-imposed guilt and grief associated with this lifestyle change.

Plan a Day Out 

Many communities like Oaks Senior Living allow our residents to go out with their family members whenever they would like. To help rekindle your child/parent relationship – go out and do the things you both love for the day. Go for a nice lunch, see a movie, or enjoy the outdoors. We understand that participating in regular activities and having a happy day helps repair that relationship.

Spend a Day at the Community 

If one of the emotions you are feeling is worry – spend the day in the community. Meeting your parent’s friends and seeing how team members interact with residents is a great way to alleviate the worry that your parent is not being cared for properly. At Oaks Senior Living, we encourage family members to join us for a day and participate in our activities.

Let Yourself Be a Kid Again 

If the relationship is still strained and revolving all around your parent’s care, you can try purposely shying away from those conversations. Instead, tell them about your day, what’s going on in your life and how other family members are doing. Even if they seem like mundane details, it harkens back to the conversations had over the dinner table.

We would love to meet you! Stop by one of our communities or attend one of our caregiver support meetings to meet our team members.

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