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Meet Resident Cecil | Oaks at Braselton

resident Cecil from Oaks at Braselton senior living community

The halls of our Oaks communities are not just filled with residents, but individuals with distinct stories, distinct passions, and distinct hearts. The spirit of Oaks Senior Living is a product of hundreds of people bringing the uniqueness of their lives into one family. One of these residents that is worth knowing is Cecil Sellers.

Mr. Sellers moved into the Oaks at Braselton in March of 2021. He has three children and 25 lovely grandchildren. His presence was immediately felt throughout the entirety of the community, as he carried with him a pronounced love for his neighbors and their wellbeing. For as long as Cecil could remember, he has been a follower and lover of Jesus. In his pursuit of God, he has continuously been spurred on to offer the love he has received to those around him. This offering did not falter to any degree with his transition to the Oaks. Now, at his new home, he leads Sunday morning chapel service for the staff and residents. In doing so, Cecil hopes to create fellowship among his community by cultivating spiritual growth. When asked why he feels the need to care for his fellow residents, Cecil said, “It is in my nature to care for others…the love of God is in me to follow what He has commanded of us to love one another.” Cecil cannot imagine a season of life where he isn’t caring for his fellow man. He sees it as a responsibility to be a servant, and if he was not doing it at the Oaks, he would be somewhere else.

Cecil has been an advocate for the wellbeing of others since the age of 18 when he committed himself to the Salvation Army. At 19 he became an officer and was ordained in 1948. After being commissioned alongside his wife, he traveled throughout the south serving community’s spiritual, physical and emotional needs. Cecil and his wife committed themselves to a lifetime of service up until their retirement in 1992. Even after retiring, their service never really stopped. For Cecil, love is the greatest gift one could receive. With the love of God being his source, sharing that gift of love has been his life’s continuous song. In the words of Cecil, “If I can love somebody along the way, then my life will not have been lived in vain. All I want is at the end of my life, to hear the Lord say, “well done my good and faithful servant.””

Alongside leading Sunday service at the Oaks at Braselton, Cecil planted and maintained the vegetable garden over the summer months. Upon blooming, he donated the vegetables to the community kitchen, care staff and other residents. He also loves a competitive game of cornhole here and there.

Cecil is an individual example of what makes Oaks Senior Living so beautiful; unique stories creating one big family. His story is worth sharing and he is worth knowing. As he has traveled through his many years of life, whether it’s the tomatoes at his family’s farm, or a neighbor that has met Jesus, he, “just loves to watch things grow.”

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