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Meet Resident Marian Hopkins of Oaks at Hampton

Oaks - Hampton grounds

Marian HopkinsMarian Hopkins was born and raised in Athens, Georgia. Most of her younger years were spent on her family’s farm playing among the dairy cows, pigs and chickens. Marian always preferred to be outdoors, partaking in some form of athletic activity. She played football, basketball, softball and whatever else she could find time to enjoy. Marian remembers joining in as quarterback with the local Boy Scouts as they played pickup football games.

Marian’s love for sports continued as she began her professional career in academia. She became a teacher and physical education coach in Newnan, Georgia. For several years, Marian found herself in cities like Miami and San Francisco, continuing to pursue her passions of education and sports as she held various teaching and coaching roles. After an extended period spent away from the town she knew the best, Athens, she returned home to be close to her family.

While back home, Marian decided she wanted to change the trajectory of her professional career. She started attending night school at The University of Georgia and earned a degree in computer science. Upon graduation, she accepted an entry level job at C&S Bank and soon became a project manager, teaching those under her about computer programming.

Marian’s connection to Athens goes beyond just schooling and childhood, her family helped create what is now known as The Athens Boat Club in Dawsonville, Georgia. Marian’s father, with the help of a few other individuals, bought land in the Dawsonville area to use as a personal fishing space. Over the course of a couple years, they began to acquire more land, and soon The Athens Boat Club was created.

Her family eventually sold their home in Athens and moved to the Boat Club permanently. Marian spent many years on this part of Lake Lanier, fishing with her father and enjoying the beautiful landscape that surrounded the lake. At the time, the area was not populated, so Marian’s family became pioneers in establishing this now popular private community.

In Marian’s later years, she realized that living alone was no longer the best option for her wellbeing, so she decided to make her new home the Oaks at Hampton. During her time at the community, Marian hasn’t slowed down at all. She is eager to hop on the bus anytime there is an outing. She works on puzzles daily, attends community activities, is the only resident to become a Certified Eden Associate and is the communities Resident Council President. Marian’s presence lights up any room she enters, and she is an established leader amongst the Hampton residents. Individuals like Marian Hopkins are what makes our Oaks Senior Living communities so special!

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