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Meet Staff Member Claudia Butler of Oaks at Post Road

Entrance to Oaks Senior Living facility

Since 1998, Oaks Senior Living has valued creating a vibrant, life-affirming environment where each person matters, and everyone has the opportunity to grow. The resident has always been the priority, necessitating person centered care that is of the highest quality. A culture like this is not possible without a dedicated staff that has a passion for seniors and senior care.

Claudia ButlerIn recognition of our wonderful staff, we wanted to highlight on our blog a distinct associate among our Oaks Senior Living Family. Claudia Butler, Community Relations Director for Oaks at Post Road, has been a staff member for over 12 years. Claudia is kind, servant-hearted, and a joyful presence to be around. She began her senior living journey as a receptionist at the front desk of Oaks at Post Road in January of 2010. Her position quickly transitioned to a Business Office Manager, and as time passed, she grew to become a Community Relations Director and even an Executive Director for four years.

By no means is it a usual occurrence to stay at the same senior living community for as long as Claudia has. There are always opportunities to transition communities, take new career paths, etc. But for her, she had all the reason in the world to stay.

“We have a great management team who I consider friends.  I have residents and family members that I have gotten to know so well that are truthfully too hard to leave.  I stay because I want to make a difference in other people’s lives. As long as the Good Lord wants me to be here, I will follow Him.”

Over the course of her 12 years with Oaks Senior Living, Claudia has seen herself grow as not only a manager in senior care, but as a human being. She saw herself as timid and quiet in her role at the community. Prior to conversations with resident families and key professionals, she would have to write down a script in order to navigate a phone conversation. However, as she saw her knowledge and skills develop, she realized she had the ability to do things she never thought she could. Simple conversations that seemed so daunting became normal daily dialogue and Claudia soon found herself making integral decisions that affected her entire community.

As she reflects on her time with Oaks at Post Road and the residents/staff that has made her job such a pleasure, Claudia gravitates towards the biggest lesson learned…ultimately, we are all the same. “It doesn’t matter how old you are here.  Whether you are 30, 50, 90….   Everyone has a story to tell.  Everyone’s life has meaning.  We all go through difficult times and learn through our experiences.” Claudia can recount the many times that she sought to help one of her residents and instead she received something special and memorable from them. It could be a life story, an encouraging word, or a simple smile, but for Claudia the moments spent with her residents have given her new perspective on the value of her own life.

Claudia Butler is just one of the many staff members that form the large family we have here at Oaks Senior Living. However, the value her life brings to our company, her team members, and Oaks at Post Road’s residents is set apart. We could not be more thankful for her sacrifice to her community and the many ways she has blessed the individuals she sees on a daily basis.

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