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Fun Summer Activities for Seniors and Their Families

Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

Who needs sunshine, fresh air, and a chance to be social? Well… everyone! That’s why summer is the perfect time for seniors and their loved ones to get together and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you want to spend time with the grandkids or the whole extended clan, here are some fun summer activities for seniors and their families:

Grow Something Together

Working together to cultivate healthy produce or beautiful flowers is a collaborative process that can strengthen family bonds. Gardening offers an array of other benefits as well. It’s a way to get moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, it reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, and, if you’re growing fruits and vegetables to eat, it can have a healthful impact on your diet, too.

Have a Potluck in the Park

Whether you host a family reunion or a smaller gathering, inviting family to share a summer get-together in the park is a time-honored summer activity for seniors and people of all ages. In addition to picnic foods, family members can bring favorite outdoor games to share. Cornhole, croquet and bocce ball can be fun for all ages. Or for a more intellectual challenge, set up a chess set — or other board games — in the shade.

Spend a Day at the Lake

You don’t have to trek all the way to the coast to enjoy the pleasures of sand, sun and water. Local lakes offer an opportunity to fish, swim, kayak, paddleboard and play. Plus, you and your family can reap the benefits of time spent near water, which include lowered stress and a boost to overall happiness.

Visit the Fair — and the Farmers Market

Summer is the season for craft fairs, arts in the park, flea markets, farmers markets and music festivals. You could fill your entire summer calendar with outdoor cultural events and shopping extravaganzas with family and friends.

Go Treasure Hunting

Hunting for treasure gives you and your loved ones a chance to explore the world, to play, and to satisfy an inherently human love of hunting and gathering. And the best part is that a “treasure hunt” can be tailored to your family’s shared interests. Try a traditional scavenger hunt or take a metal detector to the beach or park. Go geocaching. Search for the best burger joint in town. Even bird watching is a type of treasure hunt.

Celebrate Grandparents Day

Labor Day may be the traditional end-of-summer celebration, but why not add one more? Grandparents Day, September 11, 2022, is meant to honor the bond between grandparents and grandchildren and to help children become aware of the strength and guidance elders can provide. Over the last s’mores of the season, you can share family stories, fill in a family tree, or make a family time capsule together.

Find an Ideal Home Base at Oaks Senior Living

If you’re looking for a maintenance-free lifestyle that gives you more time to enjoy summer activities for seniors, consider Oaks Senior Living. Our independent living communities, Oaks at Eagles Landing and Oaks at Gracemeont, are designed for active seniors who are ready to exchange household chores for new opportunities to pursue their interests and spend time with family. Contact us to find out more about our independent living communities and the perks of living here at Oaks Senior Living.

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