Oaks Senior Living Executive Team

The Salabarria family has been faithfully providing senior living in Georgia since 1998. We are committed to serving with faith, knowledge, compassion, and love.

Chief Executive Officer - Alex Salabarria

Alex Salabarria

Chief Executive Officer, Alex Salabarria was born in Miami, Florida in 1967 to Nelson and Miriam Salabarria. The Salabarria family immigrated from Cuba when the Fidel Castro Revolution toppled the Baptista regime. Alex is the youngest of three siblings.

Chief Financial Officer - Nelson Salabarria

Nelson Salabarria

Chief Financial Officer, Nelson Salabarria joined the family business in 2006 heading up development and construction, then transitioned to CFO in 2008 due to the company’s growth. He remains involved in development and construction working closely with Douglas Shook, President of Acquisitions and Development.

President of Construction and Development - Douglas Shook

Douglas Shook

President of Construction and Development, Douglas Shook is a lifelong resident of Forsyth Co. and a graduate of Forsyth County High School in 1982. He received a BBA from GSU in 1988. After being in the construction industry for many years he started S&C Construction in 1987.

Chief Operations Officer - Linda Bennett

Linda Bennett

Chief Operations Officer, Linda Bennett has worked in the senior living industry since 1998. She joined the Oaks Senior Living family in 2001. She held positions as a Community Relations Director, VP of Marketing, and VP of Operations.

Accounting Assistant - Kimberly Eubanks

Kimberly Eubanks

Accounting Assistant, Kim Eubanks came aboard in January 2019. She has worked in the senior living industry for 20 years doing accounting and human resources for nursing homes all over the country. She was born and raised in Doraville, Georgia where she met and married her high school sweetheart, Ricky. They currently reside in Canton, Georgia with their two boys, Matthew and Nicholas.

VP of Sales and Marketing - Denise Salabarria

Denise Salabarria

VP of Sales and Marketing, Denise Salabarria was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and raised in Southern Louisiana. She moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1987 to pursue a career in sales and marketing with a focus on healthcare.

Comptroller - Tammy Gonyea

Tammy Gonyea

Comptroller, Tammy Gonyea came on board as the corporate office manager in September 2013. She has over twenty years of experience in handling the accounting and human resource needs of small businesses.

HR Director - Deidra Scales

Deidra Scales

Deidra Scales is our Director of Human Resources and is currently going to school to attain a degree in accounting. To get through school and help provide for her family, Deidra started working as a Caregiver at the Oaks at Hampton.

Director of Clinical Services - Chrystal Hawley

Chrystal Hawley

I remember visiting nursing homes with my church group as a child. While other children cowered into my Sunday school teacher’s legs, I felt drawn to those wrinkles of unknown origin. I don’t know if it was the warmth in their hugs, wisdom in their faces, or sheer appreciation of someone wanting to visit with them that drew me in.

Director of Operations - Andrew Greeson

Andrew Greeson

Director of Operations, Andrew Greeson joined Oaks Senior Living in 2009 and has served in various roles at several communities including activity program and design, marketing/opening new communities, and overseeing the daily operations.