Person-Centered Lifestyle

Changing the way the world ages by embracing a person-centered lifestyle.

Seeks to know, understand, and honor the life history and personal preferences of every individual. Further, person-centered lifestyle yields choice in the daily routine and a desire to provide care from a different perspective.

Oaks Senior Living culture centers around knowing, understanding, and honoring an individual’s life-history and preferences while building relationships. We acknowledge that consistency in our care partner program creates an environment in which residents can thrive, encouraging our team to intimately know each resident through meaningful interaction. We are committed to changing the way people age. Each day is an opportunity for growth, to enjoy what has always brought happiness, and an allowance of new life experiences.

Our Mission


personal choice


a sense of purpose


uniqueness and strengths


meaningful relationships

Designated Care Partners

Designated Care Partners

It is an essential human desire to feel secure and seek familiarity, especially during moments of transition or change. By consistently assigning care partners to residents based on compatibility and resident choice, true care partnerships are created, allowing care partners to anticipate the resident’s needs instead of reacting to requests. This relationship also allows the residents to know their care is being provided by someone that they trust. Further, we can learn about the small details that differentiate us as individuals and creates empathy and warmth. The insight gained through trusting relationships contributes to our mission of a person-centered lifestyle.

All-day Dining

All-Day Dining

The dining experience is one that aims to bring residents closer and provide each resident choice. It is common to witness residents sharing stories, memories, coffee, and their favorite breakfast foods at the start of the day. Many of the close friendships are established gathered around a table. It is also common for residents to catch some extra rest and enjoy a later breakfast. The resident can plan their day without worrying about ensuring they are present for scheduled meal times. All-day dining is available from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm daily.

Pet Therapy Program

Pet Therapy Program

Many seniors experience loneliness. Fostering companionship between residents and our furry friends not only combats this loneliness but also gives many residents a sense of purpose. Each Oaks community has a house pet, saltwater aquarium, and aviary with singing and vibrant birds. Our pet therapy program enhances the home-like atmosphere that we believe is powerful and necessary to a person’s quality of life.

Multi-Generational Approach

Multi-Generational Approach

Oaks Senior Living embraces a multi-generational approach by creating a “family-like” culture among residents, their families, our teams, and volunteers. Local daycare centers, schools, churches, and organizations are a familiar sight in our communities, bridging the gap and cultivating joyful relationships between multiple generations.