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Testimonials supporting the quality of care provided in our communities.

Siebert & Elaine

I would like to take this opportunity to express our family’s appreciation to Ms. Elaine Avery at Addington Place in Dublin. My mother, has been a resident at Addington Place for over three years, and during most of that time, Elaine has served as Lifestyle Director. My mother probably expressed it best when she said, “Elaine treats us all like people—like friends—not like patients or residents.” Elaine does have a unique way of making everyone feel special and loved. She goes above and beyond to make special occasions and special events fun and festive, and it’s evident in everything she does that she considers her work more than ‘just a job.’ When we visit for special meals, she gives a lot of thought to who is seated together. She makes sure that we have common interests and backgrounds and will enjoy sharing a meal together. Elaine embodies the spirit that we were looking for when we searched for an assisted living community for my mom. We were looking for a place where she’d have a “family away from family,” and a place that she would eventually call home. We recently sold the house that she raised her children in and lived in for over 50 years, and when someone asked her if it was hard to sell her home, she said, “No. This is my home. We’re just selling a house.” I am so thankful for Elaine and others working beside her, because I know they are the reason my mom feels comfortable calling Addington Place home.

Karen Hulbert

My mom has only been here a week but I can already tell the caliber of the staff that are employed here. They are just wonderful. They recognize and speak to the family members, they smile at the residents, they have calm voices as they “redirect”, their eyes never miss a beat of where their residents are wandering to. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, placing my mom, and the staff here have helped make the transition a smooth one. They care about their residents and they care how the family is adjusting as well. By the way, Sachi, the activities director is phenomenal! God bless each of you as you care so specifically for each resident in the Horizons wing.

Dick and Kate Latting

I will never be able to express my deep gratitude for this last month, or months, of loving care for my beloved husband and your support for me. We are blessed to have been a part of the Oaks family…thank you, bless you…you, and the staff I treasure stay in my prayers.

Patsy Debbie

Oaks at Post Road is here to serve and help with all of Mom’s needs. The staff is so friendly. Andrew, the Executive Director is very attentive. The entire management team is on top of anything that I bring to their attention. You can really tell how much they care!

Wildermuth   Family

The staff here is unbelievable! So friendly and helpful! The facilities are always clean and welcoming. We are so glad we took the time to place our Grandparents here.

Beautiful facility, excellent, caring attentive staff. My grandparents love their new home there!

I want to take a moment to recognize your community and thank you for your unique care approach for your residents.

As a hospice representative, I am fortunate to travel to most of the ALF, PCH, SNF communities in our area. I am able to see many different living arrangements offered for our senior population needing some extra help and oversight. However, I am never more pleased than when I get to be a part of your community and share in your unique approach to care. I see that your residents are your family along with your care staff. It is comforting to know that the care partners are encouraged to interact in the residents daily activities. Although sad, my heart fills with admiration when I witness your team’s grief over the loss of a “family member.” The grief is different when we care for someone as a job duty and when we care for our family out of love. Your team cares for their family out of love!

I appreciate that your Horizons residents get to experience the quality of life your care objectives afford to them. Sachi’s dedication to the residents and her absolute drive to engage, encourage and “do life” with the residents is refreshing and distinctive. I find joy in seeing them heading out for picnics or out for a hamburger lunch date!

Please hear me when i say, “ you are doing it right!” Homestead Hospice and the outside community sees and appreciates your hard work and dedication to provide a true home and living experience for the seniors fortunate enough to walk through your doors. Keep up the great work!

Since moving our mother to The Oaks at Ashton Hills memory care unit, we have been very happy with her care and the facility. It is a brand new and state of the art facility but we are treated like family. There are so many activities designed to keep her active and involved, always something fun going on. And families are invited, engaged and supported as well. The staff members are friendly, caring and do a great job of meeting the needs of the dementia patients, who are all so different with different needs. I finally feel comfortable leaving Mom because I know she is happy and being well taken care of!

Mother loves it at The Oaks at Braselton. She’s a happy bug in her warm room and says she feels safe and secure there. Everyone there is wonderful and caring. The administration is always available and out and about which is fantastic. We are very, very pleased with her room, the facility and all the staff.

I appreciate all of the care and love you gave my grandma, Trudy Volt. I was amazed at the kindness and the way you truly appeared to love her. You joked with her, fed her, sang to her and kept her comfortable. Grandma had stayed in other facilities in the past but I believe God sent her to you all to feel your love and kindness during her last year. I will never forget how wonderful you all were.

Thank you so much for letting me know how Mom is making her adjustment. My family was really impressed about the care and attention you give your patrons as well as the beauty of the home. We all left there knowing Mom was in good hands. I’ll be seeing you soon!

It’s nice to know that there are still people who take such pleasure in doing special things and making other feel good. Thank you, you’re really someone special. To everyone in Horizon who took such wonderful of our Mom, Etta, we will always be grateful to you. Thank you so much and God bless.

Know you are vacation bound but didn’t want to forget to send you a note. So often we hear the complaints, so always nice to pass along the compliments. Carole, my admission nurse, has been out to The Oaks twice in last few week. Once during the evening and once during day. She called to tell me of what a great experience she had both visits. Let me tell you, Carole is in A LOT of facilities. So she tends to notice the small things that unfortunately are not the norm. Both visits, she was warmly greeted, escorted back to the patients room, and chart was brought to her. You’d be surprised just how rare such a simple occurrence like that happens, and how appreciated it is. She RAVED about Trisha. Said she’s never met such a hands-on nurse. She said Trish didn’t sit once and was so involved with her residents. Trisha took the time to give Carole the whole history of the patient we were admitting that day. Spending this time is so helpful for my nurses, as it makes certain we are all on the same page from the start and prevents any blunders or miscommunication. Was going to hold off on sending until you got back, but hey, sure you’ll have your share of headaches upon returning so figured this would be a refreshing note 🙂

Thank you so much for the presentation last night. It was very informative, although I have been given great information from both of you as well. This is new territory for our family and I appreciate the support you have given us, it is a rocky and unknown trail but our guides could not be more wonderful. Thank you for your kindness, patience and service. It does not go unnoticed. You can feel Christ in the Oaks. Thank you again and may you both have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

Hi Terri, Thanks for your “fabulous” video and the gift of joy that you have made for the residents and ail of the world. I loved watching it twice and look forward to viewing it again…truly a work of art and filled with love. Bless you for all that you put into making “Vogue.

Recently we found ourselves in the situation of searching for a facility that could accommodate my elderly mother. Although she ultimately moved to Charleston, SC to be near my brother, we wanted to let you know about the excellent and professional we had in touring your community in Braselton. Kathryn Aiello, the marketing director, was so helpful to us in our search, not only in taking us on a thorough tour of your amazing facility, but following up with us and being a shoulder to cry on. In what was a very stressful situation for us, she has been a caring and steady guide. Although family circumstances ultimately required a move to Charleston for my mother, the help we received from Kathryn and The Oaks family has made a lifelong impression on us. I’m sure you know what a valuable employee Kathryn Aiello is, but we just wanted to confirm that with our message today.

Thank you SO much. You guys are awesome over there and took GREAT care of my dad.  You and Chrystal were so helpful and I am so grateful for all you have done. Thanks again for everything. You guys are the BEST!!!

The Oaks at Post Road took excellent care of my Dad for the last year as he succumbed to Alzheimer. I want to thank everyone there for making his last year safe and comfortable.