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5 Springtime Activities for Seniors Living in Georgia

residents enjoying gardening

We officially welcome spring on March 20th. Winter and summer can both bring along their own dangers and challenges for seniors in Georgia and spring means a comfortable reprieve from extreme weather temperatures. Spring is a time that encourages renewed spirits and improved quality of life after being stuck indoors for months during winter. Looking for senior-friendly springtime activities to do in Georgia? Let’s look at some great options!


Spring is a beautiful season for our communities! We all know that Georgia can get hot in the summer, so we cherish the times where the temperature is cool. Consistent temperatures in the upper 70’s mean we can enjoy ourselves outside doing activities we all love. Our residents are encouraged to spend time soaking up the sunshine in one of our courtyards, or we go visit a nearby park.

Take the opportunity to explore nearby parks, walking path or local landmarks. Georgia is geographically very diverse and includes coastal, flatlands and mountainous regions. Choose a new area to explore, then get out and get walking!


While you’re enjoying the beautiful weather, take your inside games, outside. It’s easy to set up a portable card table with your board games, craft project, and puzzles. Playing them outside allows seniors to soak up some Vitamin D from the sun’s rays while having fun. This vitamin helps seniors (and all of us) fend off diseases and depression – and can improve overall health when absorbed in small doses. Seniors who struggle to see in low-light setting will also enjoy the dramatic change playing in natural light will bring.


Springtime is the perfect time for planting your garden in Georgia. It’s imperative to begin planting seedlings as early as possible because of our harsh and dry summers. If you do not have the ability to plant a backyard garden, try doing a smaller planter or even a window box. Fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs improve mental acuteness, resistance to illness, higher energy levels, and all-around better health. Eating something you grew, or even just getting your hands dirty is a fun way to spend an afternoon.


We have one of the nation’s best conservation zoos right in our backyard: Zoo Atlanta. The zoo is designed for people of all ages to enjoy and learn something new and is even wheelchair accessible. Zoo Atlanta is one of four zoos in the U.S. home to giant pandas, making for a unique viewing experience. They also offer senior discount admission, making it an attainable visit for people on a budget!


Also, an out of the box idea is to enjoy a meal outdoors. Grab a friend, make a couple of sandwiches, pack some chips and refreshing drinks then head outdoors. If you are near the coast, the beach makes a perfect place to enjoy a lunchtime meal. Another option is to visit a nearby lake (we love Lake Lanier). If you aren’t up to packing your own lunch, look for a restaurant that offers carryout or offers outdoor seating.

Whatever you decide to do, cherish the great weather and time spent outdoors. Be sure to follow Oaks Senior Living on Facebook to find more great, senior-friendly spring activities.

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