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Celebrating Friendship at Oaks at Oakland Plantation

Meet Oaks at Oakland Plantation Memory Care Resident Norma Moree

Oaks Senior Living’s Assisted Living and Memory Care neighborhoods are designed to create lifestyles the engage the mind and spirit, all in a way that cultivates a communal environment among residents. Because of the strategic care and activity plans, residents are able to maintain independence while forming and developing relationships with their neighbors.

June 8th is National Best Friends Day, and what better time to share a story that reflects what wonderful relationships can come from these communal environments.

Norma Moree (pictured on the left) first moved into our Oaks at Oakland Plantation Horizons Memory Care neighborhood with her husband. Upon the passing of her husband, Norma made the transition to Assisted Living within Oakland Plantation. After this transition, it was a challenging season for Norma. Dot Wynn (pictured on the right) found Norma in the hall, one day, visibly upset. During a long conversation among the two, Norma shared with Dot how hard it has been since the passing of her husband and her need for a friend to do life with at the community. Dot had a history in nursing and has a genuine caretaker personality, so when she found Norma grieving that day in the hall, she made every effort to ensure she would be ok. Immediately after that initial interaction, the two became dear friends! Norma says they became close so quickly because they were similar, and Dot’s caring heart blessed her in her time of need. The two have been best friends since; spending each day together.

This is just one of many friendship stories that have bloomed from our Oaks Senior Living communities. Creating environments where authentic relationship can be formed is a core value of our management and community teams. If you’d like to know more about our lifestyle, please contact us through our website or call at 770-796-5871.

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