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Meaningful Ways to Celebrate the Senior Veteran in Your Life

veteran saluting

Veterans served the United States, and regardless of their branch or length of service, they deserve a level of respect and veteran benefits from the country, fellow citizens, and especially their loved ones. With Veterans Day around the corner, we encourage you to take the time to honor and celebrate the senior veteran (or any veteran) in your life!

As Oaks Senior Living starts our preparations for our Veterans Day celebration, we would like to give you a few ideas to make this Veterans Day a memorable experience for you and your loved one!

Local Veterans Parades or Events 

Cities and towns across the country host Veterans Day parades or events to honor those who served. These events can be a fun way to honor your loved one, and other veterans, as well as an opportunity to spend the day outdoors in an engaging environment!

Some parades even allow local senior veterans to volunteer to be a part of the parade. If your loved one is interested in participating, contact your local city or town office to learn how!

Family Dinner or Activities

Another great way to honor the veteran in your life is to host a family dinner or outing. Did you know many national parks offer free entry on Veterans Day? Planning an outdoor family activity or picnic can be a memorable way to honor your loved one while enjoying what your area has to offer!

Veterans Day Deals for Veterans

If you plan on taking the senior veteran in your life out to dinner, there are plenty of restaurants that offer free meals to veterans on Veterans Day! These deals don’t only apply to food, though; they also apply to a variety of services that your loved one may benefit from.

Here are a few Veterans Day deals exclusive to veterans:

  • Free meal options at local and some national chains (Since not every restaurant or location will participate, be sure to call ahead and ask!)
  • Free admission to historical and national sites
  • Free or reduced admission to museums, aquariums, zoos, and many amusement parks

While many of these offers depend on where you live, there are plenty of locations that participate and provide special deals to honor and thank veterans on Veterans Day. Ask the senior veteran in your life what they would like to do and check with local restaurants and businesses to plan accordingly!

Sending Care Packages and Letters

If you don’t live near the senior veteran in your life or are unable to see them, we encourage you to send them a heartfelt letter or a care package to show you are thinking about them! You can send items like their favorite snacks or a small, meaningful gift. It doesn’t matter what you send, but it’s important to let them know they are on your mind and that you’re thankful for them and their service.

There are many ways to honor the senior veteran in your life, and we hope you take the time to do so! Once again, Oaks Senior Living would like to thank all the brave men and women who served our country. We hope this Veterans Day is a truly memorable one for you and your family!

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