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Meet Associate Lee Maynard of Oaks at Hampton

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Lee Maynard headshotWhen creating and maintaining a culture of excellence within a senior living community, one which priorities resident care and well-being, it is important to have a well-trained staff that is committed to providing the highest quality compassionate care. One staff member that exemplified such commitment is Lee Maynard. Lee is recently retired, but her time at Oaks Senior Living is worth celebrating and sharing with you.

Lee started working for Oaks Senior Living in 2011. Her love for seniors came from her close relationship with her grandmother. For many years during her childhood, Lee lived with her grandmother. It was during this time that her gratitude for the lives of seniors and the value their stories hold began to grow. By simply being an onlooker into her grandmother’s life, a vocational calling began.

Lee’s senior living career began working part time at a senior living community in Atlanta. She quickly realized that she wanted to give more of her time to seniors, so she decided to start working night shifts at Oaks at Post Road as an overnight caregiver. After spending more and more time with residents at Post Road, she decided to fully commit to the community and pursue a managerial role. When Lee heard that a position at Oaks at Hampton was open for a MedTech, she applied immediately due to the proximity to her home. After receiving the job as MedTech, she continued to grow within the community transitioning to Business Office Manager and then to Community Relations Manager.

As Lee reflects on the many years spent at Oaks at Hampton, she is grateful for the gift her residents and team were to her. “I have had so much fun with what I have done. I have loved sharing with people what Oaks at Hampton can do for them. It doesn’t even feel like I’m selling our community, it’s more of educating them on our care and culture and just talking about a place I love.”

If you were to ask her what her favorite part of working in senior living is, one of her top responses would be working alongside her team at Oaks at Hampton. She described her team as one that was encouraging, uplifting, and pushed her to new heights. Lee always felt supported at her community, which positioned her to offer the best care possible to her residents. “Our team made a conscious effort daily to maintain a culture, exemplify what Oaks stand for, and give residents a voice.”

Now, after over a decade of being a part of the Oaks family, Lee is entering into retirement. Her presence all these years has been a gift to each resident and family member she interacted with. She has set a high bar for what it looks like to be a leader at a senior living community. Lee, thank you for always choosing to serve the resident first and being a source of joy in every room you are in. You will always be a part of the family!

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