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Senior-Friendly Gift Ideas for the Holidays

three generations of a family opening gifts

There’s something magical about the holidays that turns us all into kids, and seniors are no different! While this season should not revolve around gifts or money, it’s rewarding to watch someone open a gift they enjoy. Sometimes, seniors can be difficult to buy for, so we’ve put together some suggestions to help you give the perfect gift.

1. The Gift of a Homemade Meal
As the renowned chef, Julia Child, once said, “Dining with one’s friends and beloved family is certainly one of life’s primal and most innocent delights, one that is both soul-satisfying and eternal.” Many seniors have difficulty cooking on their own or live in a community where they don’t have to cook. While senior living communities do a great job of reviving family recipes, it’s not always the same. Whether you cook them their favorite food or a cherished family recipe, make sure you spend time eating together and enjoying each other’s company.

2. Hi-Tech Gift
If you have a larger budget, consider getting your loved one an iPad or another personal tablet. Tablets are easy-to-use and have large screens making them perfect for seniors. This gift provides endless potential for entertainment through apps. There are apps for cognition, reading, games, and television – whatever they may prefer!

3. A Gift for The Nurturing Senior
If your loved one is past the time where they can care for pets but misses the companionship, Hasbro’s Companion Pet may be the perfect gift. Available as a cat or dog, this electronic stuffed animal mimics real behaviors, movements, and sounds. These pets are soft and respond to hugging and petting, making them the perfect maintenance-free animal for your loved one.

4. Fun Gifts
No matter our age, we all enjoy playtime. Even though every year we get older, we don’t always grow up, and we NEVER outgrow toys! Some fun toys for seniors are LEGOs, like this bird model kit. If this might be a little too challenging, consider a jigsaw puzzle. Depending on your loved one’s skill level, puzzles can range from simple to extremely complicated. LEGOs and jigsaw puzzles are both great group activities and can encourage intergenerational quality time as well.
And of course, Christmas time is all about time spent with each other. It’s a time where we all try to slow down and reflect on the year’s joys. Make sure you cherish another year with friends and family!

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