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Why Location Matters for Senior Living

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Deciding where to spend your retirement is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Your choice impacts your future budget, your access to family and friends, and your plan for health care. Ultimately, location matters when choosing senior living, because where you live is a major factor in how much you enjoy life each day. 

Consider these important factors below when choosing senior living.

Affording the Cost of Living

Where you live affects everything from how much you’ll pay in taxes each year to how much you’ll receive in Social Security or investment account distributions. Many people live on a fixed income after retirement, so it’s important to consider what retirement location gives you the most for your money. 

There are other ways to make senior living more affordable, too, such as acquiring veteran benefits, qualifying for assistance through Medicare and organizing personal finances. See our blog for more on ways to help make senior living more affordable, which can help you choose senior living that’s right for you. 

Living with Convenience

When you imagine your ideal retirement location, think about what is in proximity to your address. Is it shopping venues, restaurants, places to make memories with the grandchildren, a nearby airport for frequent travel plans? Factor in all the things you want close at hand for this next chapter of life. Here are a few helpful sites to check out during the process:

  • Walk Score ranks neighborhood details like commute options, nearby amenities, level of crime and more
  • AreaVibes ranks cities for cost of living, weather, real estate and other important factors
  • Teleport can help you get started by taking information you provide about your preferences and provides a list of the best locations for you to live

Once you’ve determined the general area where you want to reside, it’s time to consider what type of home makes the most sense for you for the future. One of the advantages of living in a senior living community is that dining, fitness and entertainment amenities are usually located on-site within the community. This type of community can also be a benefit if travel is part of your future plans, since you can enjoy a “lock and leave” lifestyle, with housecleaning and security provided as part of your residence agreement. 

Having Access to Senior Care

Knowing you’ve got a plan for future health care is one of the most important reasons why location matters when choosing senior living. While this can mean simply being near friends and/or family who can assist with caregiving, if needed, it should also include providing for long-term needs for greater peace of mind. 

At Oaks Senior Living, care services are tailored to you so that even if health needs change, your retirement location doesn’t have to. That includes not only your physical health but your mental health, too, with opportunities for social fulfillment and ongoing learning and growth.

Feeling at Home

While cost, care, and convenience to things and people you love are all important factors in choosing a senior living community, so is that feeling of knowing you’ve found the right place to call home. It’s difficult to describe — you’ll know it when you feel it, which is why it’s so important to spend quality time in a retirement location before deciding it’s right for you.

Be sure to visit any community you’re considering at a few different times for a more complete view of the environment (unscheduled is even better, to ensure you see how things really are, not just when people are on their best behavior for visitors). Then consider the following:

  • What are the dining options like and how are the meals?
  • Do people seem to be enjoying themselves? How social is the environment?
  • Does the quality of service change when a staff shift changes? 
  • Are there activities, amenities and opportunities to choose from for your overall well-being?
  • Do private spaces feel cozy and welcoming or cold and clinical?
  • How friendly and helpful are the employees in senior care services, and in general?

Searching with Support

While there are many factors to consider when planning your retirement, knowing that a senior living community like Oaks Senior Living can check all the boxes in one location is a great start. Contact us today as you consider your retirement location options, for more information on why location matters for senior living.

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