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What a Family-Owned Senior Living Company Means for You

Denise with Resident

With so many choices and businesses that offer senior living services… How does one choose? Deciding on a senior living option for your loved one is an intimidating job – and one we know you do not take lightly. So, what sets a senior living company apart from the rest? Let us be honest; there is a lot – but let us look at one big difference you should consider.

One thing you should consider is who owns the senior living company. Is it a big, conglomerate corporation that is headquartered states away? If that is the case, it’s important to understand that this often affects the type of care your loved one will receive. Facilities that are owned by large companies are often overlooked, only concerned with the number, not the people living in the community. They answer to investors and investors are most concerned with the bottom line.

Looking for a family-owned senior living company goes a long way in ensuring that you and your loved one are receiving the best care possible. Oaks Senior Living began with Nelson Salabarria Sr. who found himself caring for a mother who was living with Alzheimer’s disease and became frail. Through lack of senior living options, he decided to begin his own. Today, Oaks Senior Living is still owned and operated by the Salabarria family.

Quality Care – Oaks Senior Living is committed to ensuring the health, safety, and happiness of each resident above all else. The Salabarria family spends time visiting unique communities taking the opportunity to measure successes and areas of improvement and make changes – from the top down.

Provides Stability – Studies show that family-owned businesses are less likely to be sold off or grow outside of their means. This is extremely important in an industry where your family’s care is at stake. Oaks Senior Living communities are being operated by the 2nd and 3rd generations of the Salabarria family – which means experience and stability for residents. A family-owned company helps protect your loved one from encountering unstable community environments and a rotating door of care staff.

Direct Connection to Senior Management – In the event you need to speak with upper management, it’s nearly impossible with large chain corporations. You may never even know the name of the CEO, let alone meet them. With a family-owned and operated business, you have that connection to senior management who will speak with you and remember your name and face. The Salabarria family is active in the communities and takes the time to visit with residents and families– creating a unique and beautiful care relationship.

Let our family look after your family when it matters most. We’d love to meet you – find your local Oaks Senior Living community and come by for lunch and a tour.

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