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A Continuum of Care Services

Oaks Senior Living and CaraVita have joined forces to deliver a comprehensive range of care services that commence either prior to or following the transition to an Oaks community.

Oaks Senior Living | CaraVita

Your Partners in the Caregiving Journey

Assisting families for over 25 years.

Through the Dementia Life Program, CaraVita supports families navigating the challenges of dementia by providing insights into the disease, establishing a home routine for their loved ones, and facilitating effective communication of specific care requirements.

Supported by Experts

Throughout your caregiving journey, an expert staff of RNs, MSWs, geriatric care managers, and rehab therapists provide resources, oversight, and training to your family in order to answer questions, evaluate needs, and coordinate services with Oaks Senior Living.

Customized care plans work in concert with your Oaks senior living community.

Compassionate Care to Serve Your Needs

Flexible care options for wherever you call home.

Oaks and CaraVita have multiple ways to meet your needs. From assistance after hospitalization to recovery from an illness to providing care before and after a move-in to an Oaks community—you can rest assured that you have a team by your side. 

Our partnership also extends to organizing transportation to and from Oaks communities, fostering the integration of elderly family members into a communal social environment in preparation for potential future senior living needs.

Is It Time for CaraVita Services?

If you are wondering if CaraVita is right for you or a loved one, please connect with an Oaks team member today.