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Expect More Happiness

Discover an empowered lifestyle at Oaks at Cedar Shoals, where our priority is to provide personal care with dignity and compassion. We can’t wait to meet you and see how you thrive in a senior living community filled with love and the independence to be yourself.

Senior Living in Athens, GA | Oaks at Cedar Shoals

Helping Hands
Empower You

Opportunities to enjoy new friends, experiences to savor, and care services you can depend on shape every day here at Oaks at Cedar Shoals.

As we take the time to know, understand, and honor your life’s story, you’ll be amazed at how this person-directed approach to care creates a retirement community experience that is uniquely your own.

Trusted Care Partners

The best senior care is intentional, based on what makes you unique, and comes from the empathy and warmth a close and caring relationship offers.

These authentic connections at Oaks Senior Living in Athens make a trust-based, proactive approach to caregiving possible.

Designated Care Partners are the familiar, trusted, and steady hands you can lean on for your personal care on a consistent basis.

Connected Through the Years

Our senior living community in Athens proudly cultivates joyful relationships between multiple generations—creating a warm, lively, and stimulating social environment here at Oaks at Cedar Shoals.

From local schoolchildren visits, singing groups, or even presentations that captivate—all ages are welcome here. You will find a family-like culture among other residents, team members, and volunteers.

Nourishing Community

Make memories while sharing delicious local comfort foods around the table in our restaurant-style dining room. Our expert chefs and dietitians see to it that your meals are always healthy and varied while pleasing your palate and delighting your eyes.

At our senior living community in Athens, dining options are available all day during working hours, so you can plan your days as you wish while enjoying a tasty and sociable dining experience at your convenience.

Welcome Home

Everything you need is right here in your cozy apartment suite at Oaks Senior Living in Athens. Our neighborhoods are thoughtfully designed for your safety and security, as well as comfort and convenience. Discover a home you’ll be proud to call your own!

Caregivers Can Rest & Relax

For family caregivers looking for a time of respite from the daily responsibilities of full-time care, we invite your loved one to enjoy a short-term stay at Oaks at Cedar Shoals.

Perhaps a trial run at our community will provide you the reassurance to make Oaks Senior Living the right choice for your loved one to stay long-term.

A Community That Listens

For over 25 years, Oaks Senior Living has faithfully provided senior care to older adults, empowering each member of our communities to live, learn, and continue to grow, regardless of age or ability.

Oaks Senior Living in Athens is a community that listens, and we are on a mission to educate, inspire, and learn from the older adults and families we serve.

Experiences Await You in Athens, Georgia.

Brighten up an early morning with delicious eats at Mama's Boy Restaurant on your way to University Golf Course. Find your local friends hanging out at Lay Park Community Center and then enjoy the outdoors at Pittard Park. Downtown Athens is the place to be—and your four-legged best friend will be wagging their tail at Wiggley Field or any nearby community parks.

We’d Love to Meet You!

Call us for a chat, drop in for a tour, stay for a meal, and let’s get to know one another.