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Cultured Excellence

Committed to making your dining experience one of pure delight and joy.

Dining in Oaks at Aiken

Enriched and meaningful dining experiences for residents, staff, and community partners.

With a detailed focus on dignity, love, and care, Oaks Dining provides tasty comfort foods honoring local flavors, traditions, and resident favorites for an unforgettable restaurant-style experience.

Nutritious & Delicious

You can look forward to nutritiously planned dining with the right touch of personal choice added in. The Oaks Director of Dining Services works with a registered dietitian on a 4-week menu. This menu rotation ensures proper nutrient intake for Seniors.

As a valued member of the community, your personal preferences matter, and the Dining Director provides opportunities for your choices and suggested alternatives to be heard.

Have an outstanding family recipe? We’d love to learn more about it and even introduce it in future menu offerings for the whole community to enjoy.

Oaks at Aiken

All Day, Your Way

Our chefs are always hard at work, ensuring you have access to a nutritious, delicious, and always available menu that differs from our regular weekly menu.

Dine at your convenience, not ours.

On this menu, you can find alternate choices that may be used as a substitution for your entrée or simply a meal to enjoy with friends at an alternate time.

No matter when you come to the Dining Room, you can always know there is a lively social environment, with alternate choices available for your enjoyment! Enjoy chef-prepared meals any time of day during our kitchens’ operating hours.

A Holistic Approach

The Oaks Dining Experience never ends, from the dining room to snacks and room service!

Even if you come to the dining room alone, rest assured that we intentionally find a dining partner so you can enjoy a communal dining experience.

If there is no time to dine in our dining room, no problem. For a small additional cost, our Room Service program will ensure you have your choice of entrée delivered to your apartment.

Perhaps you need options tailored to your specific doctor-recommended diet or dietary restrictions. What luck! It’s our pleasure to serve you! Whether you need mechanically altered, pureed, non-concentrated sweets or no added sodium—you can count on us to provide them.

Memory Care

Served With Love

Oaks Dining provides those needing Memory Care an experience built on dignity, love, and care. Each resident’s preferences are thoughtfully considered during the move-in process with our food preference forms, and our award-winning chefs curate delicious menus for them to enjoy.

Meaningful and enriched dining that will bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

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Designated Care Partners

During each meal, your loved one is cared for while they dine by Designated Care Partners who provide continuous support. You can trust that your loved one will have safe and enjoyable daily dining experiences.

Memory Care Dining With A Personal Touch

You don’t have to worry, the Designated Care Partners and Kitchen team also work together to ensure your loved one’s comfort food and afternoon snack needs are satisfied with intentionality and nourishing selections.

Every Dish Dedicated to Enjoyment

They can savor the richness of each meal.

Properly-presented food is key to someone feeling valued and cared for. Here at Oaks, we are “shaping” the future of health and safety for Memory Care dining. Even if a meal requires mechanically altered foods, your loved one will still be presented with a dish shaped and plated to please.

A Holistic Approach to Care, Dignity, and Fun

Our dining rooms begin with the basis that dignity can still be found daily. We use real utensils so each person retains a high level of dignity to start with.

Even when enjoying finger foods, small portions, or formed purees, specialized utensils can still be provided so your loved one is cared for.

We’d Love to Meet You!

Call us for a chat, drop in for a tour, stay for a meal, and let’s get to know one another.