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The Best Independent Living Services and Amenities to Look For

Familiarizing yourself with the independent living services and amenities that are available can help you better understand what you need to thrive in your new life

The search for the right senior living community can be overwhelming. But it’s also an opportunity to be intentional about setting the course for your retirement. Familiarizing yourself with the independent living services and amenities that are available can help you better understand what you need to thrive in your new life

What to Look for in a Senior Living Community

As you consider different senior living options, it can be helpful to ask yourself a few questions: What activities do you love? What makes you feel at home? Are you outdoorsy or indoorsy? Introverted or extroverted? What gives you a sense of purpose and meaning? Once you’ve answered these questions, you may have a better feel for which independent living services and amenities are most important for you. Here are some of the possibilities:

Choice of Floor Plan

What could be more important than the place where you lay your head every night, keep your favorite coffee mug, relax with friends and settle in with a good book? Retirement communities with a variety of senior living floor plans ensure that you can live in a space that suits your needs and lifestyle. Are you planning to keep your favorite pieces of furniture? Maybe you’d like a second bedroom for when the grandkids spend the night. Some independent living communities offer both apartment-style living — so friends, neighbors and the fitness center are under one roof —and separate cottages, which creates a neighborhood feel.

Variety of Dining Options

Nourishment, camaraderie and pleasure: the meals we eat sustain us on many levels. Independent living communities that offer multiple dining venues give you the freedom to enjoy a sit-down, restaurant-style meal, sip a midmorning coffee in a café with a friend or grab a sandwich from the deli. You can set your own schedule for meals and cater to your own cravings. Plus, chef-prepared meals ensure that you can eat well without the work of cooking and cleanup.

Security, Maintenance and Housekeeping

One of the primary attractions of an independent living community is no longer having to worry about cleaning house, unclogging drains or mowing the lawn. That means more free time for doing the things you enjoy. Plus, many retirement communities have 24-hour security, so you can go about your days — and nights — with a sense of safety.

Fitness and Health Facilities

Staying active is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Look for opportunities to keep moving: walking paths, yoga classes, a fitness center, or a swimming pool. Some communities may have extensive grounds and a golf course. Others may be minutes away from nature preserves, lakeside walks and bike trails. If you like to keep fit with friends, look for opportunities to play social sports like pickleball and basketball.

Space for Creativity

“Creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives,” says Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the psychology professor who recognized and named the highly focused mental state known as “flow,” along with its benefits. Look for amenities that help you answer your creative calling. Some retirement communities have an art studio and woodworking shop, offer art classes and workshops or are near a community theater. Or, if gardening is your creative passion, look for a community garden plot.

“Creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives,” says Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Opportunities for Lifelong Learning

Keeping your brain agile and your curiosity piqued makes life more enjoyable. Senior living communities that host classes and book clubs or have a library foster continued learning and intellectual engagement. Some retirement communities may be located near colleges that offer continuing education classes to seniors.

Ways to Connect

Cultivating social ties strengthens the feeling of belonging that’s vital for physical and mental well-being. Social spaces like a lounge, outdoor patio, bar or café give you an opportunity to connect with others in your community and to entertain family and friends. In addition, look for social programs and events that foster new friendships and strengthen your ties to the community.

Consider Oaks Senior Living

As you contemplate moving to a retirement community, make sure Oaks Senior Living is on your list of possibilities. Our independent living communities emphasize a person-directed lifestyle, so you choose how you want to enjoy the amenities and services we offer. From independent living cottages to social activities and chef-prepared meals, at Oaks Senior Living, you have the freedom to enjoy life on your own terms. Contact us today to find out more or set up a tour.

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