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Unparalleled Memory Care: Cottage-Style Experience at Camellia Place

In the journey to find the best memory care for a loved one, families seek a blend of compassionate care, a nurturing environment, and a sense of belonging.

Camellia Place an Oaks Senior Living Community stands as a bright choice, offering a home-like atmosphere infused with professional care, set within a lively and engaging community. Our innovative approach to memory care, centered around unique cottage-style living, is specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This approach not only ensures safety and comfort but also fosters dignity, joy, and a deeply enriched community life for every resident.

Embracing Home-like Comfort with Support

Camellia Place redefines memory care with its cottage-style homes, tailored for those navigating the journey of memory loss. These homes, ready for immediate move-in, provide a safe, secure, and comforting environment that feels much like home.

  • Each cottage is architecturally designed with the safety and well-being of its residents in mind, offering easy accessibility and a layout that supports both independence and community engagement. 
  • Residents enjoy a rich variety of daily activities designed to stimulate both mind and body. From invigorating morning exercises to engaging musical events, therapeutic activities, and guest entertainers, our programs are crafted to add vibrancy and purpose to each day. 
  • The dining experience at Camellia Place transcends mere nutrition; it’s a communal event where residents enjoy delicious, dietary-conscious meals in a warm, social setting. 
  • Integration with the Woodstock community through regular, team-supported outings offers enriching opportunities and a sense of connection to the larger world. These excursions are not only thoroughly enjoyable but also vital for maintaining a fulfilling and stimulating lifestyle.

Thoughtful Design Catering to Independence and Dignity

Every aspect of Camellia Place has been carefully considered to ensure a setting that promotes safety, fosters independence and feels familiar. The layout of our cottage-style homes encourages both social interaction and personal time, providing spaces that residents can call their own while also promoting a strong sense of community. This thoughtful design is crucial in creating an environment where residents feel respected and valued, reflecting our deep commitment to maintaining the dignity of all individuals in our care.

A Day in the Life at Camellia Place = Joy

Life at Camellia Place is all about embracing the joy of each day. Our comprehensive calendar of activities ensures that residents have a multitude of options to engage their interests and abilities. From cognitive-stimulating brain games to music therapy sessions, documentary viewings, and festive gatherings, we strive to create moments of joy and connection. These activities are carefully selected to not only provide enjoyment but also to support cognitive health, physical well-being, and social interaction, ensuring a holistic approach to memory care.

Nourishing Souls: Dining As Cornerstone of Community

The dining experience at Camellia Place is crafted to be as enjoyable as it is nutritious. Our menus are designed with the specific dietary needs of individuals experiencing memory loss in mind, ensuring meals are both healthful and appetizing. Dining together in our communal spaces offers residents the chance to connect with one another, turning meal times into an anticipated social event that nurtures both body and soul.

The Compassionate Team Behind Our Care

The foundation of Camellia Place’s memory care program is our dedicated team of professionals. From skilled caregivers to creative activity directors, every member of our team is deeply committed to providing personalized, compassionate care. We pride ourselves on creating a supportive environment that feels like an extension of family, where every resident’s individual needs are met with understanding and respect.

Finding Peace of Mind with Camellia Place

Choosing Camellia Place for your loved one’s memory care needs is a decision that promises more than exceptional support; it offers peace of mind. Our comprehensive approach to safety, coupled with our rich programming and strong community ties, ensures that residents not only live safely but thrive with joy and dignity. Camellia Place is not just a memory support; it’s a community where every moment is valued, and life is celebrated in all its stages.

We invite you to visit Camellia Place and see for yourself the difference our cottage-style memory care community can make. Experience the warmth, care, and vibrant life that awaits your loved one here, where we cherish every memory and celebrate every day – adding life to years.

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