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Fun Hobbies For Senior Living Residents

These are some of the most popular hobbies for seniors you’ll find in most retirement communities.

As people age, it’s more important than ever before to maintain an active lifestyle that keeps them mentally, physically, and socially engaged. Retirement is a time when older adults can explore new interests, be creative, and delve into hobbies. Communities like those owned and managed by Oaks Senior Living are the perfect place to expand horizons and explore new hobbies for seniors. Knowing their residents have wide-ranging interests,  senior living communities often offer numerous engaging amenities, clubs, and activities that not only occupy residents’ time, but also provide purpose, joy and socialization. These are some of the most popular hobbies for seniors you’ll find in most retirement communities.

Get Crafty

Engaging the mind through creativity is not only a fulfilling hobby; it’s also linked to healthy aging. Additionally, taking up painting, sculpting, drawing, crafting, knitting, and writing can improve cognitive function and memory, as well as enhance your self-esteem and overall well-being. Exploring creativity and expressing one’s self through art is a beautiful thing, especially for older adults who’ve never had the time or resources to do so before retiring.

Water Aerobics

Through water aerobics and swimming, staying  fit can be fun and rewarding without high-intensity exercise.  Many communities have indoor and outdoor pools that residents can use freely or join an exercise class with fellow residents. And whether residents prefer lounging by the pool or working out in the water, it’s a great way to meet new people and form friendships.


For seniors who love music, there are plenty of opportunities to explore this hobby in retirement communities. Whether it’s attending live music performances, participating in a singing group, or taking music lessons, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Music has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving memory and cognitive function, and boosting mood.


Anyone who can pick up a camera, or even use their cell phone these days, can enjoy photography as a casual or even serious hobby. It gives seniors opportunities to get out of the house and tap into their creativity and experience a sense of adventure and discovery.  Photography also allows seniors to capture and preserve memories while making new ones as they explore the world around them from a different lens. Whether it’s enjoyed individually or as a group, photography offers a huge variety of themes to explore, including nature, portraits, architecture and much more.


Gardening can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but it’s an especially beneficial hobby for seniors. It provides a low-impact form of exercise that helps maintain mobility and flexibility, in addition to offering a sense of accomplishment as plants grow and flourish. Gardening also allows seniors to connect with nature while enjoying fresh air and sunshine. Many retirement communities, Oaks communities included, offer outdoor gardening beds or areas for residents to use as they like.


A fun and practical hobby that anyone can enjoy, even if a little supervision or assistance is needed, cooking allows seniors to experiment and use their creativity while truly enjoying the end goal – a delicious homemade meal. It also provides an opportunity to socialize and share meals with friends and family. Many retirement communities offer cooking classes and chef demonstrations, so at-home chefs of any skill level can have fun in the kitchen.

Puzzles and Games

Everyone loves a good jigsaw puzzle or a fun board game night. Puzzles and games are a tried-and-true way to exercise the brain, improve cognitive function, socialize with others, and have lots of fun. Many senior living communities have game rooms and/or organized game nights where residents can play classic games like Scrabble, Monopoly, chess or cards, as well as more modern and in-depth games like Settlers of Catan and Risk.

Many retirement communities, Oaks communities included, offer outdoor gardening beds or areas for residents to use as they like.

Stay Active and Enjoy Retirement at Oaks Senior Living

We take casual hobbies seriously at Oaks Senior Living communities. That is, we take every step to ensure our residents in independent living, assisted living and memory care have abundant options to explore new hobbies, continue long-held interests, and make new friends. Creating a fulfilling retirement here starts with our person-directed lifestyle approach. We get to know and understand every individual’s personal preferences, which allows us to not only provide personalized care, but also to develop personalized experiences for residents. If you’d like to know more about our lifestyle, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or call us any time at 770-796-5871.

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