What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is designed for older adults who want to maintain an energetic lifestyle but need help with the activities of daily living. Assisted living communities offer a wide variety of non-skilled services and amenities but are not nursing homes. Residents live in private or semi-private apartments and receive assistance from highly-trained team members with activities such as dressing, bathing, transportation, and medication reminders.

What Makes Assisted Living at Oaks Senior Living Special?

Oaks Senior Living is proud to be licensed as an Assisted Living Community in the states of Georgia and South Carolina. This licensure allows us to deliver expanded care and services to residents, resulting in residents being able to stay in their new home without ever needing to move to a skilled nursing location.

Our approach to assisted living differs, as we are proud to offer a “person-directed lifestyle” approach to assisted living which satisfies the unique desires and needs of residents and moves away from an overly structured approach. This lifestyle encourages independence and personal choice, ensuring all residents enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

Team members at Oaks Senior Living are carefully chosen for their strong desire to work with seniors, and a committed, experienced leadership team supports care partners within each community. We strive to keep residents as active as possible, regardless of their care needs. This is why the Lifestyle Directors offer an excellent balance of activities, outings, exercise, and entertainments options, operating on the goal of providing purpose and meaning to everyday life.

Oaks Senior Living is a different kind of senior living company — a difference that comes from the many extra things that we do every day. The love, compassion, and understanding we show can only come from a dedicated family and staff.

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