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How to Furnish an Assisted Living Apartment

Senior couple relaxing in their decorated senior living apartment.

Are you preparing for a move to an assisted living community or helping a loved one make the move? You don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort when moving into a smaller space. A well-designed floor plan can feel more spacious and comfortable than you’d expect, especially when you have a smart plan for decorating and furnishing an assisted living apartment. Plus, having a host of services and amenities right on campus expands your living space even more.

Assisted Living Designed for Comfort and Style

Need some ideas and inspiration to make the most of your new space? Here are a few practical tips for decorating an assisted living apartment:
1. Rightsize your furniture. Keep in mind that “less is more” when furnishing an assisted living apartment, because bulky furniture pieces can make a smaller space feel cramped. Having a rightsized approach gives you the freedom to create a fabulous new look with smaller furniture pieces that fit well together. For example, you could choose a loveseat version of a sofa or save space with a kitchen table that has a hidden leaf extension.
2. Plan the perfect layout. Take measurements of the furniture you plan to bring or buy for your new apartment, and then mark up a floor plan of each room showing where the furniture should go. This extra step helps you avoid any surprises on moving day.
3. Choose smart storage solutions. Selecting furniture pieces that double as storage can help you be extra efficient with your space. There are so many possibilities for hidden storage in ottomans, coffee tables, benches and more. Closet organizing systems make it possible to neatly store stuff in your closets and out of sight.
4. Organize like a pro. No one wants to reach up to the highest cabinet shelf or bend over to access frequently used items. Make life easier with an organizational system that provides easy access to the items you’ll need on a regular basis. Clearly label any boxes stored away in closets or under beds so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.
5. Make it personal. Moving to assisted living can be a big change in life, and it helps to create a comfortable space that feels like home. Think about the treasured items you or your loved one would like to bring to the new space. Add a personal touch with a reading nook near the window or a shelf to display grandkids’ photos and artwork.
6. Illuminate the space. Bringing natural light in through windows can open up smaller spaces and add warmth to a room. Also be sure to use lamps, sensor lights and night lights to provide an adequate level of lighting for reading and other tasks.
7. Add greenery. It’s amazing what a difference a little greenery can make by providing a burst of color and connection to nature. Authentic-looking artificial plants can also brighten a room without the ongoing maintenance of houseplants or fresh flowers.
8. Be mindful of safety. An assisted living apartment should be a space where it’s easy to navigate without worrying about tripping hazards and other safety concerns. Take a proactive approach by tucking electrical cords behind furniture, ensuring walkways are clear of clutter and getting rid of unsecured rugs and tripping hazards.

Discover the Perks of Assisted Living at Oaks Senior Living

At Oaks Senior Living, our assisted living floor plans are thoughtfully designed with features and finishes you’ll love. With all the benefits of a person-directed lifestyle and access to 24/7 assistance if needed, there’s a lot to gain by moving to an apartment in an assisted living community. Contact us today to learn more about our assisted living communities in South Carolina and Georgia.

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