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6 Ways Senior Living Communities Promote Health & Wellness

In senior living communities, health and wellness opportunities are there for the taking — they’re planned, scheduled, and steps from your door.

​​When it comes to senior wellness, physical fitness isn’t the only aspect of health to focus on. Every part of our makeup — physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual and vocational — matters. As it turns out, balancing what’s good for us and nurturing our whole person is a dynamic, changing process. It’s one we engage in throughout our whole life.

Juggling different aspects of wellness can be complicated, and a senior wellness program in a senior living community can be the answer. They’re designed to take away the hassle of figuring it out on your own. In senior living communities these days, health and wellness opportunities are there for the taking — they’re planned, scheduled, and steps from your door.

A Full, Active Lifestyle

With better diets, medical improvements, and more information about what it means to age well, most seniors look forward to a longer life expectancy than previous generations. Staying in good shape and maintaining self-sufficiency is the key to enjoying these extra years.

Senior living communities have adapted to this. Gone are the days when moving to senior living meant a sedentary, scheduled lifestyle. Today’s communities take a more holistic view of what it means to live — and age — abundantly. Here’s how they do it:

Physical Fitness

Fitness classes in senior living are designed specifically for older adults. They focus on increasing muscle strength, improving flexibility and balance, and decreasing stress on joints. They’re also designed to be safe and sustainable — we all know how hard it is to bounce back from an injury as we get older. Whether you’re interested in chair yoga or a water exercise class, fitness classes in a senior living community are just outside your door. And most senior living communities offer outdoor walking paths and recreation areas. The convenience and variety make it easier to set and stick to a regular fitness routine.

Healthy Eating

As we get older, our nutritional needs change. We may need more of some foods and less of others. How you eat as a senior may also vary according to your gender and your specific age and health conditions. But it can be challenging to stay on top of these changes, and let’s face it: grocery shopping, cooking, cleanup — are a chore. At Oaks Senior Living, when you don’t feel like cooking for yourself, our professionals do the meal planning and preparation for you. Our chef and culinary teams dream up delectable menus. Dietitians ensure you’re getting the correct nutrients for your needs. And we offer all-day dining. So just step out of your residence, take a seat at the table, and enjoy yourself.

Social Connections

Being among people who know us and care about us is a basic human need. It makes us feel good about ourselves, increases our empathy for others, and widens our understanding of the world. If seniors staying in their current home run the risk of becoming isolated after losing a spouse or when family and neighbors move away, life in a senior living community can restore a sense of social connection and invite new friendships.
It’s easy to take part in social activities and outings and get to know neighbors. Communities also encourage residents to initiate and set up clubs and committees, enabling groups with similar interests to connect. At Oaks Senior Living, we love that everyone feels like they’re part of one big family. We encourage positive relationships among residents, their families, our team members and community volunteers. We also bridge the gap between the generations with our multigenerational approach to community activities.

Lifelong Learning

Learning doesn’t have to end at a specific age. It can continue for a lifetime. Whether you’re exploring new knowledge or skills, or delving deeper into something you know, the wellness benefits to your brain and body are significant. If you choose to take on something challenging like learning a language, or adopting a new computer technology, you’ll reap even more benefits. You’ll build new pathways in the brain, strengthen your memory, and increase the brain’s neuroplasticity — its resilience to change and stress.
Choosing Oaks Senior Living puts a range of educational resources such as classes, seminars and talks within reach every day. Our lifestyle directors plan educational activities such as weekly tours to local attractions and events, speakers on topics including science and history, multigenerational programs, and much more.

Spiritual Balance

Achieving spiritual balance is about understanding the meaning and purpose of our lives. It takes different paths for different people. Some seniors enjoy giving back to their community and helping others through volunteerism. Others renew their purpose with a job, family or pursue a lifelong ambition. Yet others go inward, exploring and deepening their faith.

At Oaks Senior Living, we support every resident’s personal path to purpose. It’s our mission to foster an atmosphere where people are valued and appreciated, where personal choice is honored, and each person can find their own sense of purpose as they thrive among meaningful relationships.

It’s our mission to foster an atmosphere where people are valued and appreciated.

Active Senior Living and Ongoing Care

Life in senior living is geared toward daily wellness and healthy aging. Most communities offer senior wellness programs with a combination of healthy living options and preventive care. At Oaks Senior Living, we offer all levels of living, including long-term care readily available on-site, so peace of mind is built in from the first day you become a resident. On-site, regular checkups from health care professionals are important too, and we simplify this for residents. The services of health professionals and specialists are easily accessible on campus, and we offer transportation to and from medical appointments.

Aging Well — Fulfilled and Empowered

Find the best balance for your health and wellness at Oaks Senior Living. Our person-directed wellness culture makes it easier to maintain your physical and mental health, reduce the risk of serious medical problems, and feel more satisfied with life. Contact us to learn more about our retirement communities across Georgia and South Carolina.

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